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My Songs.

Like I said in my bio, songwriting isn't so much about trying to find some catchy words and tunes on the guitar or piano to impress some music gatekeeper a thousand miles away. It's about traveling, meeting all kinds of people, learning things, reading things, taking risks, expanding your boundaries. In short, it's about living.  For the short period of time I write a song, behind it are hundreds of hours of living, many miles of road, many familiar faces, lots  of tears, storms, rain, and maybe a little light.


The concept of an album called Out From Nowhere came as I was living in the Sierra Nevada foothills and traveling the country in a trailer in various picturesque places, without a television, and often alone. As I settled away from electronic diversions, I began to write songs one after the other in a creative flurry. It occurred to me that my songs had been written in Nowhere, not a place connected to a city or industry or public need, merely out of their own volition to be...Nowhere to me became the Kansas prairies, Arizona mountains, and the California gold-rush towns, deserts, redwood forests, and high sierras that I traveled through and dwelled in. It felt only fitting that Nowhere was perhaps the most poignant place in our country, defined by only where you hang your hat.

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