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There ain't no doctor

That can cure this achin' heart

There ain't no lawyer

Gonna tear these laws apart

Just a pretty blue-eyed girl

Somewhere in the world, it’s up to her.

I leave a crowded club

And go walkin along the curb of the street

I go out to the pier

And stand looking out to sea

And as I turn

I see her starin at me

Come slowly, come softly

Emma Mae!

Children in rags they search

And through the streets they run

And all around them now

Pours the sound of foreign tongues

But the ringing note we make

Is quite clearly sung

That lonesome beggar finds me

And tells me with a sigh

There's no hope left for us now

And the time is drawing nigh

I look past his face

To the stars up in the sky

Come slowly, come softly

Emma Mae!

I take the path that climbs the hills

Up, up into the night

And breathless at the top I stand

Peaceful in the night

From here the town

Is but yellow squares of light

All the ancient stones and paths

Lay covered in the rain

But the design is everywhere

Every object calls your name

And the beat of the sea

Is like the blood in my veins

Come slowly, come softly

Emma Mae!

My hand is now outstretched

And it will not go away

My voice has joined the wind

And there it seems to stay

And the ship with white sails

Is waiting in the bay

Come slowly, come softly

Emma Mae!


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